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The myth of the 1,400 year Sunni-Shia war

Alcohol: The Instrument of Oppression
Aliens wrote the Quran? ... Proof it wasn't written by Humans
"Al Juma'ah" and "Al Sittah"
As a Man Thinketh
A Simple Test of Faith
A Sine on the Road to Mecca
Amazing Qur'an, The

Bad news - we are way past our 'extinct by' date
Beauty of Mathematics
Big Bang
Clay: The Beginning of Humankind
Clerical errors in the name of God
Confirmatory Verse on an act in Haj -razshahadak
Debunking the Bukhari hadith myth
God is enough as a Witness
Golden Ratio & GOD's 19 Signature, The -msahib56
Greatness of God, The

Hadith Conspiracy & The Distortion of Islam, The
Hadith plagiarized from the Bible
Hijab Issues in Australia
Historical / Textual Analysis of the Bible: Is It God's Word?

Homosexuality - The Cost to Society
How Did We Become So Hateful?
How Islam kick started science

Identity in the Fingerprint, The
In death's shadow
ntelligent Designer -msahib56
Islam from Institusi Pondok
Islamic Teachings From The Bible
Islamic Finance
Islam is wonderful, but I can't stand the Muslims
Isostacy and the Roots of Mountains

Key to happiness
Koran and Evolution, The
Koran and Self-Reference
Koran, Interest & The Economy, The
Koran and the Biomedical Sciences
Koran and the Liberation of Women
Koran, The Bible & Jesus

Last Supper was a day earlier, scientist claims
Layers of the Atmosphere, The
Light upon Light (Q24:35)

Miracle of the Quran
Miracles of the Kaaba
Misfar misfortune: 900 children abandoned in Egypt by Saudi fathers
Muhammad's Sword
Muslims, police scuffle over park’s head scarf ban
My Father

Nas & Insan
New Scientific Case for God, The
No need to drink eight glasses of water daily
Origin of Life, The
Origin of the Universe, The

PAUL and the Invention of Christianity
Plants reclaiming part of Sahara desert
Please call our Masjid "MASJID" not "MOSQUE"
Qur'an and Hadith: The Final Debate
Qur’an and I, The
Quran & Science: Answering a common objection
Quranic Way of Life
Religion of Jesus Christ or Religion of Saint Paul

Scientific Revelation
Seas Not Mingling With One Another, The
Seven Wonders of the World
Shahadah and Abu Hurairah, The -msahib56
Sinking Feeling
Some of the CHEMICAL ELEMENTS indicated in the Qur'an
So violence is all religion's fault?
Space Travel and the Koran
Starvation can trigger longer life
Strange Sounds Worldwide: 7 Trumpets of Revelation?

Torah Code & Quran Code -msahib56
Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts
Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?
What's the most remarkable book you've read?
What's the most remarkable book you've read? (2) -abdul khalid
What is The Purpose of Life
When Science Teaching Becomes A Subversive Activity
Who are we? Who defines us?


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