Have we not expanded the earth and made the mountains as tent pegs (Koran 78:6-7)

We have cast into the earth anchors lest it shake with you (Koran 31:10)



Consider the above two statements in the Koran and compare them to a visual cross-section of a mountain from a modern standard text. Just like the Koran stated centuries earlier, mountains are like "tent-pegs", i.e. they have a root extending down into the earth like "anchors" and this gives stability and balance to the earth. This was discovered less than 150 years ago by scientists and now accepted as a fundamental law in geology, the concept of ISOSTACY. If the photograph isn't enough evidence consider this narration from a standard text: M. J Selby in a standard-text on the subject entitled "Earth's Changing Surface(Clarendon Press, Oxford 1985) stated on page 32:

"G.B Airy in 1855 suggested that the crust of the earth could be likened to rafts of timber floating on water. Thick pieces of timber float higher above the water surface than thin pieces and similarly thick sections of the earth's crust will float on a liquid or plastic substratum of greater density. Airy was suggesting that mountains have a deep root of lower density rock which the plains lack. Four years after Airy published his work, J.H Pratt offered an alternative hypothesis...By this hypothesis rock columns below mountains must have a lower density, because of their greater length, than shorter rock columns beneath plains. Both Airy and Pratt's hypothesis imply that surface irregularities are balanced by differences in density of rocks below the major features (mountains and plains) of the crust. This state of BALANCE is described as the concept of ISOSTACY."

If we deny the Koran's claim of being God's revelation, we have to account for the above information, and how it made its way into the Koran, always without error, and always accurate. 
Justice and truth demands that.

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