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Subject: NAS & INSAN

NAS = People
Insan = mankind/human

NAS = Analyzing the use of the word Nas (247 times from the verb a-ni-sa) in the reading. It is clear that all mankind is not being addressed in these verses. In context it is also clear that the use of the word Nas, meaning people, does not exclude all people learning by proxy from what is being revealed though they are not being addressed.

What is a never failing pattern is that when all mankind is referenced by God He says Insan (collective noun from the same verb a-ni-sa) . The use of insan, mankind in these clear global explanations of science or physics, biology etc, is indisputable proof.

The recognition of the tense used in the ayats (past most notably), the addressee is of paramount importance to understanding the message. Even verses that seemed esoteric when some translators used mankind instead of people, suddenly become clear and straightforward when the context of what is being said to those alive with messenger and who are experiencing the drama is understood. For example:

The people were one nation , so God sent the prophets, announcing good news and warners/givers of notice , and He descended with them The Book , with the truth/correct to judge/rule between the people in what they differed/disputed in it, and no (one) differed/disputed in it except those who were given it from after what the evidences came to them, oppression/transgression/corruption between them, so God guided those who trusted, for what they differed/disputed in it from the truth , with His permission , and God guides whom He wills/wants to a straight/direct road/way .

As said it is a never failing pattern where we find "Insan" and here is one of many perfect examples:

Ya ayyuha al-insanu ma gharraka birabbika alkareemi…
You, you the human/mankind, what has deceived/tempted you with (from) your Lord, the honoured/generous ? Who created you, so He straightened you, so He balanced/adjusted you .In any shape/picture what He willed/intended He assembled/composed you . No but, rather you lie/deny/falsify with the way. And that truly (We are) on you protectors/observers.

and compare it with 7:116

Thank you.
3rd Oct 2007

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