As she sees it all ....
She is fourteen years old,
and insisted that her essay be published.
..... Why not? 
But only as an encouragement.


My Father


My family ran from Johor to Kuala Lumpur because the ulama accused my father of spreading deviationist teachings. It was so bad until my father was summoned to court. But luckily, a lawyer told them to just run and seek help in the capital city. So they did. (I wasn't even born yet)

When my family arrived in Kuala Lumpur, the hunt for my father was not over. They became fugitives for a while. It had been really an emotional and traumatic period for my family to go through. My brother was so mad until he said he wanted to kill the people in charge of this. Of course he didn't mean that. He was just a boy then. At that time, I was just a little girl. I did not understand all of this. So I kept quiet. I remembered that we were living in fear. We were so afraid that they would catch my father and throw him in jail. Luckily, as time passed by, the case was closed. The hunt for my father was over. And I am so thankful for that.

In 1994, my father wrote a book entitled 'Bacaan' and it is the translation of the Koran. It was then published in 1995. The book was banned because it has no arabic writings in it. My father distributed the book secretly to the people who wanted to be believers in our religion. The ulamas called my father an 'anti hadis'. Whatever that means. 

Sometimes we had people who wanted to be believers coming to our house seeking for my father's explanations about salat, about the tudung (because we don't wear the tudung) and everything else. 

My father built a website about 'Bacaan' with the support of a true friend. He had poured all of his heart and soul for this website. Everyday, he will put sentences from the Koran in the website he had built. Feeding the website new sources every single day until late nights. And he doesn't sleep at all most of the nights.

I hope when I am old enough, I will take charge of this website. I want to help spreading the truth to the people who are willing to hear the truths like my father had taught me. I salute my father for his bravery and his courage for what he had been through. Not to forget my mother, my sister and my two brothers. I am so proud to have been born in this family.

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