" O Assembly of Humankind and Jinn. If you can penetrate the regions of the skies and the earth, then penetrate them. You will not penetrate them except with power.. (Koran 55:33)


"If We were to open to them a gate to the sky and they were to continue ascending therein. They would say, 'Our sight is confused as in drunkenness.. (Koran 15:14-15)

Astronauts in this century have experienced the opening of a gate to the sky. The experience is just as was described in the Koran centuries earlier: Confused sight as in drunkenness, a feeling of being bewitched. Once above the earth's atmosphere, the heavens no longer have the azure appearance we see from the earth. The human observer above the earth sees a black sky with the earth surrounded by a bluish halo... a completely new spectacle.

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