".....Indeed we created them (humankind) of BINDING (laazib in Arabic) CLAY." Koran 37:11

"...We BEGAN (emphasis-mine) the creation of humankind from clay (Koran 32:7).

"...We created humankind of dry clay of altered black mud (Koran 15:26)

Only in the presence of clay which is alternately dried and then becomes moist again (Koran 15:26) do long chains of organic molecules combine with each other to form nucleic acids.

Clay also acts like a binding magnet (Koran 37:11); clay ions attract matter and incite it to react. The trace elements we see today are the result of the evolution of just such ions. In clay and binding sticky mud, carbon and nitrogen atoms have negative valences C-4 and N-3. Oxygen, phosphorous and hydrogen occurring naturally in the soil can only combine with negatively charged carbon and nitrogen to form the basic constituents of the human body.

Clay also acts as a desiccator, removing water so that large organic molecules can be formed. Via God's will intelligent life evolved out of clay (Koran 32:7)

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