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Subject: akbar

Salamun alaikum,

Stop calling Allah akbar. That is not His name. Nowhere in the Quran does Allah calls Himself by that name and neither is it among the list of His Most Beautiful Names (Asmau'ul Husna).

The name is merely an invention of those who forge lies against Allah, His prophet and His words. Allah did not give any authority about naming Him with names other than what is stated in the Quran as attested by these verses.

To GOD belongs the most beautiful names; call upon Him therewith, and disregard those who distort His names. They will be requited for their sins. (7:180)

Say: "Call Him Allah or call Him Ar-Rahman; whatever the name you call Him by, to Him belongs the Most Beautiful Names." Do not say your prayers too loudly or in too low a voice, but follow a middle course. (17:110)

He replied, "You will certainly be afflicted by wickedness and the wrath of God. Do you dispute with me about the names of that which you and your fathers have invented? God has given no authority to those names. Wait for God's decree and I, too, am waiting with you." (7:71)

These are nothing but names, which you have made up, you and your fathers, for which God has sent down no authority. They follow nothing but speculation, and what their own soul’s desire. Even though there has already come to them guidance from their Lord. (53:23)

"What you serve besides God is nothing but names which you have created you and your fathers, God did not send down any authority for such. The judgment is for none but God. He ordered that none be served but He. That is the true system, but most of mankind do not know." (12:40)

Reflect. What is the difference between akbar and these:

Have you considered Lat and 'Uzza,and Manat, the third, the other?

They say, ‘‘Do not abandon your gods. Do not abandon Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuth, Ya‘uq and Nasr,’’ (71:23)

Yeah right. Those names are nothing but mere inventions of those who oppose and forge lies against God and His prophets.

Here are some of the Names to call Him by as taught to you by Ar Rahman:

He is Allah, the Creator (Al-Khaliq), the Evolver (Al-Bari), the Grantor of Forms (Al-Musawwir) to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Whatever is in the heavens and on earth, declares His Praises and Glory, and He is the Exalted in Might (Al-Aziz), the All Wise (Al-Hakeem). (59:24)

Blessed be the Name of your Lord (Rab), Full of Majesty and Honor (Zhul-Jal-ul-Ikram). (55:78)

So, celebrate with Praises the Name of your Lord (Rab), the Greatest (Al-Azeem). (56:96)

Salam. (Or you can call Him As Salam which also happens to be among His Most Beautiful Names).


From: msahib56
To: 'Pengurus Laman' <ebacaan@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 10:02 PM
Subject: RE: akbar

Salamun alaika,

Just want to know. So I did some checking.

The words "allahu akbar" appear in 51 hadith(s) in Bukhari translation.

The words "allahu akbar" appear in 2 hadith(s) in Abudawud translation.

The words "allahu akbar" appear in 4 hadith(s) in Muwatta translation.

The word "Allah-o-akbar" appear 22 time(s) in 22 hadith(s) in Muslim translation.

In the Quran – NONE. ZERO.

Now I know where it came from.

3rd January 2013

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