The Koran mentions that at a stage in its origin, the universe was a "gaseous mass " (Koran 41:11). It uses the Arabic word Dukhan, which stands for smoke. A perfect analogy for gas and particles in suspension and the gasses being hot.

Scientists have only very recently confirmed that the universe did indeed originate from a gaseous mass composed of hydrogen and helium, a big mass of hot gasses. The Koran is more accurate in describing the gasses as "smoke" rather than the word "mist" used frequently by scientists as the gasses were hot.

How could Muhammad, who lived 1400 years back, have composed this material? He could not have, even if he had all the help in the world, at the time.

The Koran gives an accurate visual description of the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe. The Koran states

" Do not the rejecters see that the heavens and earth were one unit then we split [or separated] them apart..." (Koran 21:30)

This is exactly how the 'rejector' scientists envision the creation of the universe, from one piece which was then split [separated] by a 'big bang'. The Koran over 14 centuries before the "Big Bang" theory was presented confirmed the "common origin" or source of everything in the universe.
How do we explain this information in the Koran?

The Koran talks about an "expanding" universe centuries before scientists described it:

"And the sky We built it with might, and we cause the expansion of it."(Koran 51:47);


If the density of matter in the Universe is sufficiently large, gravitational forces will eventually cause the Universe to stop expanding, and then to start falling back in upon itself. If that happens, the Universe will end in a second cataclysmic event that cosmologists call The Big Crunch

The Koran describes the Big Crunch and the Cosmic Code in this statement:

"The day when We shall roll back the skies, like a scribe rolls up a written document. As We began the first creation, We shall surely repeat it. It is a promise (binding) upon us. Indeed it will happen." (Koran 21:104)

The Koran mentions the movement of the sun. The sun's movement is not something that is evident to our eyes or experience but requires specialized equipment. The Koran states:

"And the sun constantly journeys towards a homing place for it and for the moon We have determined phases.(Koran 36:39)"

Modern science has found out that the sun rotates around its axis every 26 days and is continually on a journey in space towards its homing place, just like mentioned in the Koran 36:39. Also, the Koran is known to be the first book to mention the modern term "phase" associated with the moon.


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