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Proof it wasn't written by Humans





by seattletruth

Many critical thinkers believe that all religions are completely fabricated man-made lies that were invented in order to give power to evil men. I was one of these people as well, until I found proof after proof that the Quran couldn't have been written by humans, especially not 1400 years ago. Being an atheist when I found these proofs, my initial conclusion was that the Quran had to have been written by Aliens.

There are basically two types of evidence that prove the Quran wasn't written by humans: 1 type is encoded into the actual text, but differently than the "bible code". The encoded text does not create new phrases or words like the bible code, instead it focuses on the repetition of certain words and letters. As I will show, this code is not baseless numerology. The other type of evidence is scientific "miracles"; things which would have been impossible for a human to know at the time.

I'll talk about the scientific evidence first. The Quran talks about some of these proofs in allegorical terms, because the language was not developed enough to say them in truly scientific terms. For instance, the universe is claimed to be continually expanding:

51:47 We constructed the universe with might, and We are expanding it.

The earth's rotation is explained by:

[27:88] When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving, like the clouds. Such is the manufacture of GOD, who perfected everything. He is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

And again the earth's rotation is explained by:

[7:54] Your Lord is the one GOD, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then assumed all authority. The night overtakes the day, as it pursues it persistently, and the sun, the moon, and the stars are committed to serve by His command. Absolutely, He controls all creation and all commands. Most Exalted is GOD, Lord of the universe.

The night is always persuing the day when you look at the earth from space.

Also the Quran specifies that the early stage of development for the Universe was gaseous:

41:11 Then He settled to the heaven, while it was still gas, and He said to it, and to the earth: "Come willingly or unwillingly." They said, "We come willingly."

Furthermore, the Big Bang is talked about in the Quran, where everything came from a SINGULARITY:

21:30 Did those who reject not see that the heavens and the earth were one mass and We tore them apart? That We made from the water everything that lives. Will they not acknowledge?

Also this verse brings up the fact that every living thing was created from water. This supports the theory of evolution. Many other times it is said in the Quran that human beings were created from clay. This is an allegory for saying that human beings are made from earthly materials, not from "fire" or energy, like the "jinn beings".

[15:27] As for the jinns, we created them, before that, from blazing fire

Evolution is explained as a TOOL OF CREATION in the following verses:

71:14 "While He created you in stages?"

71:15 "Did you not see how God created seven heavens in harmony?"

71:16 "He made the moon to illuminate in them, and He made the sun to be a lit flame?"

71:17 "God made you grow from the earth as plants."

And also evolution is explained:

29:19 Did they not observe how God initiates the creation then He returns it? All that for God is easy to do.

29:20 Say, "Roam the earth and observe how the creation was initiated. Then God will establish the final design. God is capable of all things."

24:45 God created every moving creature from water. So some of them move on their bellies, and some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. God creates whatever He wills. God is capable of all things.

Also, the embryonic development of a child is explained before science had ever analyzed these things.

23:14 Then We created the seed into an embryo, then We created the embryo into a fetus, then We created the fetus into bone, then We covered the bone with flesh, then We brought forth a new creation. So glory be to God, the best of creators.

The word that is translated as "fetus" is the Arabic word "alaq", which literally means "hanging thing". They didn't have a word at the time for "fetus".

Also, the mountains are talked about as "pegs" or "roots"which help stabilize the crustal plates from shifting so much. This theory is very new to geologists even today, but is talked about in this article here:

When oceanic and continental plates come together, geologists believe the continental crust buckles. On the surface, the buckling manifests itself as a rising mountain range, but beneath the crust, the buckling creates a heavy, high-density "root" that holds the crust down like an anchor, says Garzione. Conventional tectonic theory says that convection of the fluid mantle deep in the Earth slowly erodes this heavy root like a stream wearing down a rock, allowing mountains to gradually rise as the crust shortens and thickens.

78:6 Did We not make the earth a resting ground?

78:7 The mountains as pegs?

They are talked about again:

16:15 He has cast into the earth stabilizers so that it does not sway with you, and rivers, and paths, perhaps you will be guided.

Also, evaporation is allegorically explained by:

25:53 He is the One who merges the two bodies of water. This is fresh and palatable and this is salty and bitter. He made between them a partition and an inviolable barrier.

The seas on earth are salty. The sea of water vapor in the sky is fresh and palatable. The evaporation is the the inviolable barrier between them.

Now I will talk about the numerical codes and miracles in the Quran, which prove it couldn't have been written by humans. At the minimum it would need a computer.

Even before the actual "code" was found, people realized there were many numerical coincidences in the Quran. For instance:

* The word "month" (shahr) occurs 12 times.
* The word "day" (yawm) occurs 365 times.
* The word "days" (eyyam, yawmeyn) occurs 30 times.

What's miraculous about the fact that the word "day" occurs 365 times, is that at the time (and still today), the Arabians were using what's called the Lunar calandar, which only has 354 days in a year. So the Quran acknowledged the full Solar calandar, the number of months in a year, and the average number of days in a month.

Then in 1974 the numerical code was discovered, focused on the number 19.

It is specifically talked about in the following verses:

74:30 On it is nineteen.

74:31 We appointed angels to be guardians of Hell, and we assigned their number (19) (1) to disturb the disbelievers, (2) to convince the Christians and Jews (that this is a divine scripture), (3) to strengthen the faith of the faithful, (4) to remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, as well as the believers, and (5) to expose those who harbor doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say, "What did GOD mean by this allegory?" GOD thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the soldiers of your Lord except He. This is a reminder for the people.

The 19 based code was discovered because in 29 of the chapters of the Quran, it is prefaced by letters which had no meaning whatsoever. Combinations, like "H.M." or "Q" or "A.L.M", etc. When trying to find the meaning of these initials, it was discovered that when added up, their repetition in the chapter was always a multiple of 19. Once this was found, more miracles came to surface:

* The first verse, i.e., the opening statement "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim", shortly "Basmalah," consists of 19 Arabic letters. This is the most frequented statement in the Quran. It prefaces every chapter, but is not a numbered verse in every chapter but the first. Because of this, only the first "Bismallah" is counted.

* The first word of Basmalah, Ism (name), withouth conraction, occurs in the Quran 19 times.

* The second word of Basmalah, Allah (God) occurs 2698 times, or 19x142.

* The third word of Basmalah, Rahman (Gracious) occurs 57 times, or 19x3.

* The fourth word of Basmalah, Rahim (Merciful) occurs 114 times, or 19x6.

* The multiplication factors of the words of the Basmalah (1+142+3+6) add up to 152 or 19x8.

* The Quran consists of 114 chapters, which is 19x6.

* The total number of verses in the Quran including all unnumbered Basmalahs is 6346, or 19x334. If you add the digits of that number, 6+3+4+6 equals 19.

* The Basmalah occurs 114 times, (despite its conspicuous absence from chapter 9, it occurs twice in chapter 27) and 114 is 19x6.

* From the missing Basmalah of chapter 9 to the extra Basmalah of chapter 27, there are precisely 19 chapters.

* The occurrence of the extra Basmalah is in 27:30. The number of the chapter and the verse add up to 57, or 19x3.

* Each letter of the Arabic alphabet corresponds to a number according to their original sequence in the alphabet. The Arabs were using this system for calculations. When the Quran was revealed 14 centuries ago, the numbers known today did not exist. A universal system was used where the letters of the Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek alphabets were used as numerals. The number assigned to each letter is its "Gematrical Value." The numerical values of the Arabic alphabet are shown below: [the table is omitted]

* A study on the gematrical values of about 120 attributes of God which are mentioned in the Quran, shows that only four attributes have gematrical values which are multiples of 19. These are "Wahid" (One), "Zul Fadl al Azim" (Possessor of Infinite Grace), "Majid" (Glorous), "Jaami" (Summoner). Their gematrical value are 19 , 2698, 57, and 114 respectively, which are all divisible by 19 and correspond exactly to the frequencies of occurrence of the Basmalah's four words.

* The total numbers of verses where the word "Allah" (God) occurs, add up to 118123, and is 19x6217.

* The total occurrences of the word Allah (God) in all the verses whose numbers are multiples of 19 is 133, or 19x7.

* The key commandment: "You shall devote your worship to God alone" (in Arabic "Wahdahu") occurs in 7:70; 39:45; 40:12,84; and 60:4. The total of these numbers adds up to 361, or 19x19.

* The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon that is not found in any other book: 29 chapters are prefixed with "Quranic Initials" which remained mysterious for 1406 years. With the discovery of the code 19, we realized their major role in the Quran's mathematical structure. The initials occur in their respective chapters in multiples of 19. For example, Chapter 19 has five letters in its beginning, K.H.Y.A'.SS., and the total occurrence of these letters in this chapter is 798, or 19x42.

* To witness the details of the miracle of these initials, a short chapter which begins with one initial, letter "Q", will be a good example. The frequency of "Q" in chapter 50 is 57, or 19x3. The letter "Q" occurs in the other Q-initialed chapter, i.e., chapter 42, exactly the same number of times, 57. The total occurrence of the letter "Q" in the two Q-initialed chapters is 114, which equals the number of chapters in the Quran. The description of the Quran as "Majid" (Glorious) is correlated with the frequency of occurrence of the letter "Q" in each of the Q-initialed chapters. The word "Majid" has a gematrical value of 57. Chapter 42 consists of 53 verses, and 42+53 is 95, or 19x5. Chapter 50 consists of 45 verses, and 50+45 is 95, or 19x5.

* The Quran mentions 30 different cardinal numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 99, 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 50000, & 100000. The sum of these numbers is 162146, which equals 19x8534.

* In addition to 30 cardinal numbers, the Quran contains 8 fractions: 1/10, 1/8, 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3. Thus, the Quran contains 38 (19x2) different numbers. The total of fractions is approximately 2.

* If we write down the number of each verse in the Quran, one next to the other, preceded by the number of verses in each chapter, the resulting long number consists of 12692 digits (19x668). Additionally, the huge number itself is also a multiple of 19.

It is significant that the same 19-based mathematical composition was discovered by Rabbi Judah in the 12th century AD in a preserved part of the Old Testament. Below is a quote from "Studies In Jewish Mysticism".

The people (Jews) in France made it a custom to add (in the morning prayer) the words: " ’Ashrei temimei derekh (blessed are those who walk the righteous way)," and our Rabbi, the Pious, of blessed memory, wrote that they were completely and utterly wrong. It is all gross falsehood, because there are only nineteen times that the Holy Name is mentioned (in that portion of the morning prayer), . . . and similarly you find the word Elohim nineteen times in the pericope of Ve-’elleh shemot . . . . "Similarly, you find that Israel were called "sons" nineteen times, and there are many other examples. All these sets of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain many secrets and esoteric meanings, which are contained in more than eight volumes. Therefore, anyone who has the fear of God in him will not listen to the words of the Frenchmen who add the verse " ’Ashrei temimei derekh (blessed are those who walk in the paths of God’s Torah, for according to their additions the Holy Name is mentioned twenty times . . . and this is a great mistake. Furthermore, in this section there are 152 words, but if you add " ’Ashrei temimei derekh" there are 158 words. This is nonsense, for it is a great and hidden secret why there should be 152 words . . ." (Studies In Jewish Mysticism, Joseph Dan, Association for Jewish Studies. Cambridge, Massachusetts: 1978, p 88.)

After looking at all these proofs it was pretty easy for me to conclude that the Quran was NOT written by humans. Because I was atheist, my initial reaction was that the Quran was written by Aliens. After reading it, I believe it was written by God.. But that's an act of faith on my part.

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