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All over the so-called Muslim world, it is part of Muslim "tradition" to put up the inscribed names of "Allah" and "Muhammad" side by side (in an organisational chart - they would be interpreted as co-equals in authority!!) and paste these on the walls in their houses and even on the back screens of their cars. This practice symbolises their believe that Islam is simply all about Allah and and His "special relationship" with prophet Muhammad including such beliefs as "if not for Muhammad, Allah would not have created the heavens and the earth..." and "Muhammad's name was already inscribed in Heaven long before God created the Universe". These beliefs are to be found no where in the Quran, of course. In fact their reverence for their beloved prophet can, at times, equal their reverence for Allah Himself. This is evident in many of their distorted practices -- for e.g., visiting the tomb of the dead prophet to seek his "intercession" with God when they perform the Hajj pilgrimage even though the Quran says that the Hajj is to be performed for God's sake alone, chanting the "salawat upon the prophet" in almost all spheres of their lifes including during marriage ceremonies, during fard prayers, after fard prayers, after tarawikh prayers, during khatan ceremonies, on funeral occasions, when shaking hands with fellow Muslims, that Muhammad's words [sunnah] can overide God's words [Quran] to name but a few of these. By their acts, the Muslims, whether unconsciously or intentionally, elevate God's last prophet to the same level as the Creator Himself. No doubt perhaps, and with good reasons too, why the non-Muslim scholars label them as "Muhammedans", a title which they, paradoxically, take great offence to!

How does Muhammad, a mere mortal like any of God's other creations, who by himself cannot achieve anything except by God's will, compare to God?


The diameter of our universe, the smallest and innermost of the seven universes, encompasses distances of some 26,000,000,000 light years. This number equals 153 billion trillions of miles (153,000,000,000, 000,000 miles). 

Within the circumference of our universe, there are a billion trillion stars (not even counting the uncountable decillions of other heavenly bodies). It would take us 32 billion years just to count one quintillion of these stars, at the rate of one star per second. This is simply counting them, not creating them! 

Can you imagine the circumference of our universe? Can you envision a circumference surrounding distances of 26,000,000,000 light years? Considering our universe to be first, the second universe is necessarily larger than our universe. In view of the enormous vastness of our 'small' universe, the size of the third universe, which surrounds two universes is already incomprehensible. How about the fourth universe; or the fifth; or the sixth; or the seventh? 

Now comes another shock; in order to give us an approximation of His profoundly awesome greatness, God tells us that He is holding the seven universes within the fist of His hand (see 39:67 below)! 


39:67. Mereka tidak pertimbangkan Allah dengan pertimbangan-Nya yang sebenar. Bumi kesemuanya berada dalam genggaman-Nya pada Hari Kiamat, dan langit digulung di tangan kanan-Nya. Dia disanjung! Tingginya Dia daripada apa yang mereka sekutukan

39:67. They never valued God as He should be valued. The whole Earth will be within His fist on the Day of Resurrection; in fact, all the universes are contained within His right hand. He is the Most Magnificent, the Most High; far above anything they idolize.


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