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Answering a common objection


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The problem is that everyone is trying to prove the Quran by virtue of Science, never vice versa. In other words, can you tell what lies in future for mankind in terms of Science by interpretating the Quran before Science proves it?



Actually people who research scientific findings in the Quran, compare what they read in the Quran with findings that they don't already know about but confirm through reading AFTER reading the Quran, in most cases. No one can be an expert on all the fields discussed in the Quran. Bucaille, the famous researcher did his SCIENTIFIC research after reading the statements in the Quran to check them. He did not know beforehand whether they were valid or not. Also if you check Quran scholars of earlier times and medieval Muslim scientists, they arrive at the same conclusion about many of the statements of the Quran as current science has.

Ibn Khaldun's SCIENCE of sociology, the evolution of the rise and fall of nations was DIRECTLY inspired by the Quran- it was not Quran being proved by science but SCIENCE being inspired by the Quran. Keith Moore's scientific research to check the validity of the Quran's discription was the Quran inspiring science once again. IF you read of medieval Muslim scientists their research was inspired by the Quran, not the other way around. It is best to know the facts and think your arguments out before saying that no "vice versa" is going on.

Also science is a system of learning based upon, systematic analysis, logical framework, empirical evidence and falsification. That system itslef is recommended and encouraged by the Quran in its own method of presentation.

Unfortunately due to the legacy of Western colonialism, the memory of the advancement of science by Muslims has been methodically removed from social consciousness. Muslims inspired by the Quran did wonders in all fields of modern science- that the Quran led to this is not only evident in their commentaries but also in the difference Islam made to the pre and post Islamic, Arab societies, as far as learning and science goes.

M. Asadi

Thanks to Brother SH.

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